Enables application developers to connect with their customers' bank accounts

We are currently in alpha and in Belgium only.

What is it about?

We built an API on top of your customers' banks


Omnibank simply comes on top of the existing security protocols of the supported banks. Only account and transactions data is exposed.


Our first priority is to be able to access accounts transaction data from most major banks in Belgium and Europe. We don't foresee allowing wire transfers through our API in the near future.

For developers

We are software engineers and we have been working with and building APIs for a while now. We know how important it is to build a beautiful and developer-friendly API.


We provide libraries in most popular languages. With our developer portal, our toolbox and our documentation, you are able to develop new products and services in no time.

Build a PFM or a Robo-advisor

Omnibank's API will allow you to access bank accounts from your customers regardless of the bank they are in. Once they register Omnibank as a trusted provider, you will be able to get their data and process it. From then, you can give advices to your customers on how they could accomplish their financial goals, get better at budgetting, generate alerts on certain triggers, you name it.

Build a chat bot

For some teams, getting access to their company's data through their preferred collaboration tools is a must. Building bots for any of those platforms or integrating with all the other existing APIs is now seamless with Omnibank. To prove it, we built a bot for Slack that recovers our bank accounts' transaction data. We didn't show all the available info as these are sensible, but if you need proof, contact us to arrange an uncensored demo. This is the real deal.

Automate accounting

Accounting can be a pain in many cases. It's prone to human errors and in today's economies, ecommerces and collaborative platforms can get thousands of very small transactions every day. In order to automate those processes, they usually go through expensive third parties to avoid bearing the costs of development themselves. Omnibank let's them automate their accounting and financial processes for a fraction of the price while controlling their costs.

And much more...

We are looking for projects

We have an alpha version of our service ready to be used by real projects. We will carefully choose a few partner projects to help us shape the best API we can. Get on the list and we will get in touch with you.

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